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Abigail (Abby) was picked up by Animal Control a few times and returned to her owner who reported her to be a fence jumper; one day she showed up with several injuries and her owner didn’t come for her. Abby is healing physically and emotionally, learning to snuggle and play and go for walks to visit all of our neighbors. At 45 pounds, this Dobergirl has no trouble keeping up with her 80+ pound foster brothers. While her size is petite, her personality is not. Estimated between 1-2 years old, I’d guess she’s closer to 1 with her puppy antics and exuberance. She has met and played with humans and dogs of all ages and sizes and has not met anyone she didn’t like. When my boys get to barking their heads off at the mailman, she stands quietly by my side. She has not jumped my 6’ enclosure. Abby is eager to please, equally motivated by praise and treats, and will do well with someone who has the time and patience to teach her about obedience and show her what the world is like as a valued family member.


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