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My name is Adele. For those of you haven’t haven’t heard my story, I was pulled from Memphis Animal Services in Memphis in December by a wonderful volunteer for VSDR. While I was incredibly happy and well fed at her house, I didn’t play well with her small dogs. So then I went to live with my current foster mom. She has 2 big dogs and a puppy that I get to run and play with all the time. Her doberman and I get to have boxing matches and pretend to be ninjas together. He likes to play the same way I do. I also love to play the “floor is lava” and my foster mom and I race to the couch and see who can get under the blanket first. I really love to snuggle up to her in the evenings. I’m a really good snuggler. Plus she says I keep her feet warm so it’s a win win situation.

The vets believe I have a terminal cancer as they have pretty much ruled everything else out and I have some pretty “icky” chest x-rays. But at this point in time I’m not ready to go. I have so much energy and so much fun playing with other dogs that I wanna really enjoy the time I have left.

Unfortunately, my current foster mom is a horse trainer and is coming into show season and that means that I wont get to go out and play as much as I want to so I am looking for a new foster family with big dogs that I can play with for a while. Is anyone interested in being my new foster family?


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