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A boarding facility in Alabama had been found abandoned by it’s clients in November last year. The business owner had disappeared. Animal Control intervened and the dogs were taken care of. No one thought about the woman’s home until a few days later. Caroline and Carter were there. They were taken into custody as evidence in case the woman was apprehended, which she recently was. She was charged and in March, Caroline and Carter were released. The Alabama Doberman Rescue was full, so VSDR took them.

Carter was the crazy, skinny guy at the shelter. He did not get to come out as much as Caroline because he was very hyper and jumped on folks. He did not do well in that environment. He was 15+lbs underweight and kennel crazed. He growled and snapped at other male dogs.

Bringing Carter home, his residence was the Mutt Motel until his neutering. When the time came for Carter to move into the house, we were apprehensive although through the fencing, he did ok. The introduction came sooner than expected when another foster opened the gate between them. Carter did WONDERFUL! Not ever a single growl from him towards my other 2 male dobermans. We believe him to be around 2 years old.

Carter is actually the bigger love bug! Once he has come in the house, he will jump up on those he wants to give a big doggie hug to. He hangs on tightly and just cuddles. His only vice is house-training, which is a work in progress. Carter plays well with other dogs and would make a great addition to any family!


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