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Fosters are the lifeblood of our rescue! If we do not have foster homes for dogs to go to, we can not pull dogs from immanent danger in shelters or from homes that distraught owners may give them away to anyone without knowing if it is a good home or possible bait dog victim. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. FOSTERS SAVE LIVES. You take a dog from a Board members home, they are able to pull another dog in need.

What to expect from fostering- when you are approved to become a foster through our process (the same as adopting-just in case) we will place a dog in your home that has been fully vetted and temperament tested. VSDR will provide any additional vetting needs, monthly heartworm medicine, supplies (crate, harness, dog doors, etc.) and dog food. YOU supply LOVE, pics, videos and a bio after you have them a bit. If we have an approved adopter for you dog, you give them a call, ask questions and feel out that home for your foster.