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Opal is an 10 month-old (as of 2/15/19) female.  A family found this jewel in a local shelter in middle TN. They took her home not realizing what a handful an 8 month old Doberman will be. Opal was a good girl for them but she played too rough with the only other dog in the house, a small, older dog and accidentally hurt it. When she was confined to a crate or bathroom, you can guess what she did..yup, busted out of the crate and destroyed the bathroom as 8 month old (untrained) Doberman pups are prone to do. We were unable to quickly get her in a few weeks ago but when we saw her posted on Craigslist, we made room ASAP. Dobermans on Craigslist do not normally find the best homes. Fast forward to today- Opal is adjusting well in her new foster home. She has been able to be able to be crated for short periods but did bust out after a few boring hours. Opal is a gem though.  Even though there was much for a pup to get into, she did wonderful out on her own. Not even a potty accident! Please do your research on albino Dobermans before applying for her. She will require additional care and possible medical expenses later on in life.

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