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Hi my name is Titan James. My past times are reading classic westerns by Louie Lamour and making sure my humans won’t fly away. I believe that every human should be trained in the art of petting. It is my mission to be sure you have enough time to hone your craft. I enjoy a good walk but I would rather Netflix and chill. Nobody believes me when I say I am 9…even though I have the papers to prove it! Even the vet thinks I am more like a 5 or 6 year old. I like to think of myself as a hip senior who isn’t afraid to get out and shake it but only for short bursts. My first mom had to surrender my sister and I but we were happy to come hang with the VSDR pack! Now my ideal pack would be with another chill dog my size but I could get into being the only dude. No little dogs please, they have a tendency to nip my legs and I am not into that. I am mildly interested in my foster mama’s cockatoo but she can’t pet me so, there’s that. I know how to potty outside and I will chill in a crate. I could really use a yard that will let me stretch my legs a little between sun bathing sessions. My foster dad says that I am a snuggle monster! 


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